Programmer, Game Designer, Writer, and Methhead
About Me
Hey there! I'm Alex, but you might know me better as Ruku. Over the past five years, I've delved into several languages, including Lua, JavaScript/TypeScript, Elixir, and Python.
I started programming in Roblox, where I initially made random things with little direction or thought. As I got older, I messed around with other engines, but have primarily stuck with Roblox.
Programming Ventures
Since I started programming I've made numerous Discord bots, each serving different purposes. Presently, I'm the owner of Hyne and Noxious.
Hyne caters to both individuals and game studios, facilitating seamless moderation actions across multiple servers.
On the other hand, Noxious is as a personalized lore management tool, tailored to meet my specific needs- which right now is syncing my Obsidian vault with a Discord server.
Beyond programming, I've also established my own Roblox bloodline, known as The Avuren Family. Though not a recent creation, it's in limbo right now because of past workplace incidents. Nevertheless, I'm committed to breathing new life into it soon.
Current Endeavors
My current focus revolves around a project in one of my many lorespaces— "Ink", a roleplay game blending modern and fantasy elements.
With custom races, extensive lore, and unique game mechanics, Ink aims to redefine the roleplaying experience.
One of its standout features is the incorporation of dice rolling accompanied by "bonus cards", that add an extra layer of strategy for players invested in their character's journey.
Future Aspirations
Looking ahead, I want to continue pushing my own boundaries and explore new genres and unique games in Roblox and other engines.
Whether it's refining existing projects or starting fresh ventures, I'm driven by a relentless passion to innovate and create experiences that resonate with others.
Portfolio Images & Videos
*Note: Some are older than others, most are pet projects. I have very little professional work- it's not something that interests me. The only lag is from OBS.
This was made a while ago, the messages in the video are me explaining what you could do with it to a friend.